Food Genie, Where To Eat? App recensioner

I just had to review this app

Loved the idea, it’s like restaurant roulette. I spun the wheel probably 10x and every time me I got 1 of 3 restaurants! Three places that are just “Eh...”. Wish there was some way to exclude them. Also it seems that whatever “random” algorithm they use is definitely not random.

Seems rigged

Seems to always land on the same restaurants. Doesn’t save your filters. Too many food variations to redo filters every time.

Okay, app.

I wish there could be an option to see the restaurants near you and add them into the wheel. It’s more of a the wheel chooses restaurants and you spin situation. Maybe it’s where I live that plays apart of it. Although I do think the choosing of which restaurants would be a good option. And the main review for restaurants that pop up on yelp are all horrible ones!!

Great app!

It does it’s job well. I even found a great restaurant nearby while on vacation.

Game changer!!

Deciding where to go eat can be interesting and a pain at times in our household. Well not any more. Now when we can’t decide I ask my husband to ask Food Genie. Highly recommend this for any relationship. It’s a game changer.

This app is amazing!

Best app for finding food quickly!

Great for finding your new favorite spot!

I wanted to find somewhere new to eat, so I checked out Food Genie for assistance. I utilized the wheel and was navigated to a new spot that I had never visited but that is now one of my new favorite places! Keep making this app better!

Poof! Works great!

Super useful app!

Love it

Takes the pain out of deciding where to eat! If it's a third party making the decision then no one can get mad!


Where do you want to eat?? Here's the answer... I love this app!

Need ability to move restaurants off list

I have some restaurants that I really don't like. There should be a way for me to rate them and take them off the most so they're never on my wheel.

It has potential :)

If I was able to use zip code as an alternative to using gps location. Once that's an option I can give a more through review. Let me know when this is a possibility. Three stars only because I want to see the app to continue to be developed.

Urban Eats

I live in the most diverse city in the USA. (Houston, Tx) All of the filtering options for specific types of food are really helpful. It is a fun way to discover unexpected options. ps. The wheel of choice can also be used to entertain a toddler, according to my grandson.

International coverage

I work in a major European city, and did not believe this app would work here. To my surprise, it's great. I especially like the distance setting- our city is huge. If the app just listed everything without regard for distance, it would be useless. Great job.


An awesome concept that works well.

Great app!

Looking forward to trying more places to eat using this App.


I am someone who can never decide what I want to eat, this app puts a nice spin on making that choice! I highly recommend trying this out as it could help you find your new favorite foods!

Dinner time!

Fun and helpful!

Great app

Pretty cool take on a restaurant picking app. I definitely like the mass of options in the filter and more options than type of food.


They've thought of everything with this app! Finally something to help with that dreaded question, "Where do you wanna eat!" Brilliant!

Food Genie really WORKS!!

Such a simple concept, but I've never seen anything like it. Takes the tedium out of picking place to eat and actually makes it feel like a cool game.

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